Useful Links

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (USA)

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network Australia and New Zealand

The I CAN Network (a rethink on AWEtism)

Healthy Possibilities (Autism consultancy - 'achieving Autistic potential')

The Curly Hair Project (author: Alis Rowe)

Wenn Lawson (Homepage)

John Elder Robison (Homepage)

Donna Williams (Homepage of the late Polly Samuel aka Donna Williams)

Temple Grandin (Homepage)

One Autistic Life (author: Rochelle Johnson)

Boldly Growing (author: Tori Haar)

My Spectrum Suite

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

AMAZE (Autism Victoria)

Aspect (Autism Spectrum Australia)

Autism CRC (Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism)

Resources at Hand (books, fidget toys, games)

Footprint Books (Australia and New Zealand)

Autistic Adults and other Stakeholders Engaged Together (International healthcare collaboration)

Specialisterne (Australia)

Lifeline (Australia) 13 11 14

Beyond Blue (Australia) 1300 22 4636


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