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In addition to writing books, Yenn also regularly blogs and contributes articles to magazines and websites. They are also a featured writer for Spectrum Women. See below for a selection of pieces of interest:

Yenn's author page on 'The Mighty' - (16 articles)

An Open Letter to Matryr Parents - (Spectrum Women)

Stranger in a Strange land - the Autistics Expatriate - (Spectrum Women)

‘The Parents’ Guide to Autistic Pride’ - (Personal Blog)

‘Gender Identity - Thoughts on Being ‘Out’ - (Personal Blog)

Gender Identity, Sexuality and Autism — Some thoughts and reflections - (Spectrum Women)

With a Bit of Luck - (Spectrum Women)

Coauthored submission to the United Nations on autism and mental health and women and girls - (Coauthored submission for Yellow Ladybugs)

Assertiveness: Why it's hard and some strategies - (Personal blog)

We're all in it together (why I hate hate) - (Personal blog)

Why I worry (a lot) when people talk about cures for Autism - (Personal blog)

Opportunity for Autistics is vital - (Personal blog)

After years of unemployment, here's how I succeed at work with my disabilities - (The Mighty)

Why I lived openly with Autism while hiding my schizophrenia - (The Mighty)

Resilience - a vital element of an Autistic child's 'tool kit' - (Guest blog for Murdoch Children's Research Institute)

Autistic woman with (the right) attitude - (Guest blog for International Women's Day, published on the Attitude Foundation website)

Bullying - never ever OK - (Personal blog)

I didn't mean to be rude - communication differences and Autism - (Personal blog)

Loving, valuing and accepting yourself - the best option - (Personal blog)

Friends - Good, true and preferably Autie - (Personal blog)

Reflections on a life less ordinary... and coming home - (Personal blog)

Yenn has also been writing poetry since childhood. See below for some examples.

When I get old (new)

All that I want (new)

Small talk (new)

My past and me

I don’t want your cure

The ordinary club

I give talks

Whimsy Manor

Love encapsulated

Not quite enough


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