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This is Jeanette Purkis's radio show where she and invited guests talk about all things Autism.

To listen to a show just click on the description. Some guests also have their own links and websites - you may be able to find out more about them by clicking their name.

This is just a short selection of some of our episodes, the others can be found on Postively Autistic at blogtalkradio.


27 May - Barb Cook - About her work - Spectrum Women, Bikers for Autism.

14 January - Narelle McCaffrey - Autistic mum of Autistic kids Nacelle McCaffrey talks with Jeanette about parenting on the autism spectrum.

28 January - Tori Haar, Rochelle Johnson & Emily - Advocates Rochelle, Tori and Emily talk with Jeanette about prejudice, privilege and intersectionality.

4 February - Michelle Garnett - Discussing Michelle Garnett and Tony Attwood's new book 'Exploring Depression and Beating the Blues'


30 January - Tim Fischer - Jeanette interviews former Australian Trade Minister, Deputy PM, Ambassador to the Holy See, author and Autism world legend the Hon. Tim Fischer AC about communities .

6 February - Tony Attwood & Wenn Lawson - Talking about around Samantha’s blog ‘Everyday Asperger’s as well as issues faced by women and girls on the Autism spectrum.

5 March- Samantha Craft - Talking about some of the more challenging aspects of being an adult on the spectrum.

16 April - Vicki Bitsika - Jeanette interviews Professor Vicki Bitsika, who diagnosed Jeanette with Asperger’s in 1994. A wonderful reflective show focusing on the history of the Asperger’s ‘label’ and Vicki and Jeanette’s intersecting personal journeys.

14 May - Patrick Schwarz - Talking about empowering Autistic people to meet their potential.  This show was recorded at the Aspect Autism in Education Conference where Patrick and Jeanette were keynote speakers.

11 June - Steve Silberman - Jeanette interviews Neurotribes author Steve Silberman about neurodiversity and the history of Autism.

11 December - Emma Goodall & Samantha Craft - Author and blogger Samantha Craft interviews author Dr Emma Goodall and Jeanette about advocacy and their books.


25 March - Dawn-Joy Leong- Talking about the value of pets and art

4 April - Joel Wilson - Talking about Joel's work in Autism research

11 April - Tori Haar - Talking about Autism and faith

18 April - Tony Langdon - Talking about all the amazing things Tony does, including firefighting, sports and being in a loving, long-term relationship

25 April - Wenn Lawson - Talking about empathy and how 'Theory of Mind' is a problematic concept

25 April - Penny Robinson - Talking about the work of the I CAN Network in mentoring young people on the Autism spectrum

30 May - Malcolm Mayfield - Talking about Malcolm's work in Autism consultancy particularly around employment

8 August - Anita Lesko and Abraham Nielson - Talking about Autism and love and all Autism wedding

22 August - Tony Attwood - Talking about gender differences in Autism, diagnosis and mental illness conditions Autistic people can experience

29 August - Geraldine Robertson - Talking about protective factors for young people on the Autism spectrum

12 September - Cindy Nicollet - Talking about Cindy's work as a psychologist and her PhD research work around anxiety among adults on the spectrum

19 September - Sylvia Rodger - Talking about Sylvia's work as a Director of Research and Education at the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and involving Autistic people in research.

10 October - Joe Westlake - Talking about becoming a teacher and empowering kids and young people with autism to lead a fulfilled life.

17 October - Joel Wilson & Tori Haar - Talking about attending conferences as an autistic individual and the Autism CRC research academy.

5 December - Joel Wilson & Tori Haar - Christmas special - Talking about strategies for surviving the Christmas holidays.


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