All that I want

Affluenza and entitlement dictate a list,
Things one is supposed to want if one is successful and urbane:
A house (big, ostentatious)
A car (probably Italian and stylish) and all those other things I neither want nor need.

I want a cat to cuddle
For people to listen before they judge
Full bookcases
Music to lift my soul
Respect of the Other, whatever Other they may be
Safety in my home
Safety in my mind

Influence in things that matter
People and things to love
Just enough self awareness
Ethics and values not rules and dogma
A modest place to call my own with walls for all my art
A friend to tell me when I am getting ahead of myself
Talent and skills sufficient to achieve my goals
Work all the day long
A comfortable and warm bed and sympathetic characters to inhabit my dreams
A body fit for purpose
Friends to laugh with. To cry with. To share success and defeat
To have children in my life to keep me young
Family - my hereditary one and the one I choose
And maybe some chocolate.